Monday, August 29, 2011

Custom NERF Vigilon gets some paint and Jayne’s Vera gets some character!

Sorry for a short post tonight, but I wanted to get a few photos up before heading out. I painted the rear part of the Vigilon to get a sense of the color-scheme (military/HALO-ish) and from that I think the gun will look pretty cool when it's all done. I also started breaking up the canvas that is my NERF version of Vera from the TV show Firefly. That's one heck of a detailed prop and so I'm doing my best to replicate the different surfaces. I'm certain it will look good when it's done, but I'm shooting for great so we'll see how the next week goes!

Enjoy the pictures and thank you for visiting my humble little blog site. :)





Vera with parts missing, of course!

A couple scouts that snuck in..



  1. Hi there, is that Ben? It's Akimbo Assassin from Oznerf forum. I just noted one thing interesting one of the pictures you posted in Nerfrevolution picture thread. One showing a Stampede hanging up for painting, I noted it still has lots of stock paint (grey on handle and black on the back) on it. So you don't really sand most of the stock paint off before you apply your own paint of choice?